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Transition Universities conference, Winchester,
February 2011

Climate Change and Violence workshop series 2008 - 2012
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Climate Change and Humanity, November 2004
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Workshop 2: Human Consequences: Global and Local Dynamics 

video Video


Dr. Mark Levene
(Crisis Forum co-founder and Director of the Climate Change and Violence project)



Dr Graham Brown
(University of Bath)
‘Climate Change and Economic Theories of Conflict: An Exploratory Review’



Dr Stephan Harrison
(University of Exeter, Oxford University Centre for the Environment)
‘Climate change and conflict: scientific uncertainties and policy implications’



John Magrath
(Oxfam GB)
‘People’s perceptions of climate change and vulnerability in certain Oxfam programmes’



Tim Taylor and Joe Devine
(University of Bath)
‘Climate Change and Security in Bangladesh: A Wellbeing Perspective’



Sarah Hendel-Blackford
(Ecofys UK)
‘Voices of the Vulnerable: Preventing Adaptation Apartheid’


Thanks to Olly Hill for filming on the day and editing these videos.

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