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Crisis Forum’s first multi-authored book, published in autumn 2007 with Pluto Press.

Surviving Climate change. The struggle to avert global catastrophe. Edited by David Cromwell and Mark Levene. ISBN: 9780745325675

Climate change is a pressing reality. From hurricane Katrina to melting polar ice, and from mass extinctions to increased threats to food and water security, the link between corporate globalisation and planetary blowback is becoming all too evident.

Governments and business keep reassuring the public they are going to fix the problem. This book brings together some leading activists who disagree. They expose the inertia, denial, deception - even threats to our civil liberties - which comprise mainstream responses from civil and military policy makers, and from opinion formers in the media, corporations and academia.

An epochal change is called for in the way we all engage with the climate crisis. Key to that change is Aubrey Meyer’s proposed ‘Contraction and Convergence’ framework for limiting global carbon emissions. This book, which also includes contributions by Mayer Hillman and George Marshall, is a powerful and vital guide to how mass mobilisation can avert the looming catastrophe.

We will publish other research findings and commentary in as wide and accessible a range of academic publications and broader media as possible. We also publish significant and relevant articles from the general and alternative media on this website.


Where Now ‘Hell and High Water’? Alastair McIntosh, 2009.  Published in ECOS – Journal of the British Association of Nature Conservationists, Vol. 30 No. 3/4, December 2009.

Predicting Genocide in an Age of Anthropogenic Climate Change: An Interim Report*, Mark Levene, 2009.
A shortened version of this piece entitled 'From Past to Future: Prospects for Genocide and its Avoidance in the Twenty-First Century,' will be published in Donald Bloxham and A. Dirk Moses, eds. Genocide, Oxford History Handbooks (Oxford: Oxford University Press forthcoming 2009).


The ultimate paradigm shift: environmentalism as antithesis to the modern paradigm of progress, Richard Douglas, December 2008 (essay under submission to Environmental Philosophy, journal of the International Association for Environmental Philosophy).

Climate Change and Genocide: Will Anthropogenic Climate Change Increase the Risk of Genocide in Africa?
Jonathan Ward, 4 January 2008, Stockholm University.


Why do academics fiddle as the world burns?
Colin Feltham. The Times Higher Eucation Supplement, Opinion, 31 August 2007.


Why Greens are invisible
Observations on the media. By David Cromwell & David Edwards. New Statesman, Monday 28th February 2005.


A Dissenting Voice, Part I
Mark Levene: A dissenting voice: or how current assumptions of deterring and preventing genocide may be looking at the problem through the wrong end of the telescope,¹ Part I. Journal of Genocide Research, (2004), 6(2), June, 153-166.

A Dissenting Voice, Part II
Mark Levene: A dissenting voice, Part II¹. Journal of Genocide Research, (2004), 6(3), September, 431-445.

Global Warning
Mark Levene, 16 January 2004, Jewish Chronicle

By Force, Persuasion or Enlightened Self-Interest? Part I
Jim Scott, July 2004, Boiling Point (Save-Our-World)

New Movement for Survival. By Force, Persuasion or Enlightened Self-Interest? Part II
Jim Scott, January 2005, Boiling Point (Save-Our-World)


The Power of Love, What can nonviolence say to violence?, Alastair McIntosh, 2003. Published in Resurgence, No. 219, July 2003, pp. 42-44. (Spanish translation, El Poder del Amor)

Cold War Psychohistory in the Scottish Psyche, Alastair McIntosh, 2003. A paper based on the presentation by Alastair McIntosh at the conference, Scotland’s Cold War Experience, Glasgow Caledonian University, 31 January 2003, published September 2003 in the conference’s proceedings, Scotland and the Cold War, ed. Brian P Jamison, Cualann Press, Dunfermline, pp. 70–84.


Is Humanity in Crisis?
Mark Levene, October 2002, Dolphin (University of Southampton)

The Human Environment
George Marshall, Landscapes, Volume 3, number 2, Autumn 2002. (Reproduced with the permission of Windgather Press Ltd. www.windgather.co.uk).


Silent Democracy
David Cromwell, November 2000, Dolphin (University of Southampton)

news articles

Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us
Mark Townsend and Paul Harris, 22 February 2004, The Observer
A Pentagon report warns of rioting and nuclear war and a Britain that will be 'Siberian' in less than 20 years, and states that climate change is a greater threat to the world than terrorism.


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